Patient Video Testimonial: Sarah Fernandez

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | December 10th, 2015

Patient: Sarah Fernandez
Dx: Pathologic fracture due to metastatic breast cancer
Procedure: T1 and T2 corpectomy with anterior and posterior fusions

“Dr. Gottlieb was recommended by another Dr, when I met with him he gave me an overwhelming sense of confidence, Dr. Gottlieb squeezed me in to have the surgery immediately. He explained everything to me and told me the back surgery I was going to have was going to be one of the most complicated any person could have. My surgery was a big surgery and I followed up with him after it on a weekly basis. I just felt a lot of confidence, I really care about him and I can see that he really cared about this patients. I felt there was a lot of detail in his care. I am a mother of two children, I am a lot better since the surgery and I am back to normal. I am very blessed to have found Dr. Gottlieb and that I was in his hands.”