Patient Video Testimonial: Lisa Suarez Del Campo

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Patient: Lisa Suarez Del Campo
Diagnosis: Brachial Plexopathy
Treatment: Pain and weakness resolved with physical therapy.

Ms. Lisa Del Campo, please tell us why you came to see us and just explain what were you feeling?
So, one day after exercise kickboxing class, my arm just went completely numb. My dominant arm is my right hand, so I was very nervous about what it could be it and if was permanent because it felt like I was paralyzed. I could not even grab a pencil or anything. So I went to Urgent Care the next morning and they recommended that I followup with an orthopedic surgeon. So, that’s when I contacted Dr. Gottlieb’s office on that Monday.

And, how did Dr. Gottlieb help you and how was your experience here?
Well, he was wonderful on many levels to begin with. You know, after thorough examination and requesting the MRIs and reading those results and reading what the x-rays. He analyzed those before giving the diagnosis and he was very optimistic about full recovery without surgical intervention. So, it was nice to hear that from the beginning because even I am seeing that too many doctors, their first instinct is to require to recommend a surgery and they have not even read any type of results or MRIs or x-rays or anything like that. So, I think that was one of the things that like the most besides that he is extremely professional and nice and cordial and he is patient. He was making recommendations. So, it has been a great experience, aside from the injury, but the recovery has been progressively getting better and I am very happy with him and all things, you know with the MRI and the physical therapy and the restrictions on activities. I think all of that helped.

How are you as far as capacity and recovery?

I am pretty well, it has been six weeks I would say. I think we are 90% there. So, will all those recommendations, you know, with the physical limitations, especially limiting what I lift, you know, distances that I drive, being careful with the arm and doing physical therapy. I think all of that definitely helped. I am waiting to be 100%. I understand that nerves take a long time to repair. So the left 10% will take a little bit but looking forward to it.

Thank you so much for your story.