Spinal stenosis is a condition that will eventually affect most men and women, although its physical effects may not be the same in every person. The treatment of spinal stenosis is one of the medical services available from Miami Back Specialists.

Understanding the Spinal Cord
The spinal column extends the length of our backs and allows us to stand, walk and generally move about. The column itself is comprised of more than 30 bones, known as vertebra, through which runs the spinal cord. An important element of the central nervous system, the spinal cord carries signals from the brain, making possible the normal functioning of the body.

The Causes and Effects of Spinal Stenosis

The condition can affect anyone and may result from a traumatic injury or the development of a tumor in the spine. It can also occur if the tissue between the bone, known as a disk, becomes herniated. However, it normally begins to develop after the age of 50 and is related to the general effects of “wear and tear” on the body. The narrowing of the spaces in the bone will eventually begin will impose pressure on the spinal column. The effects of this pressure translate into the condition known as spinal stenosis. Some of those with the condition may not have developed obvious symptoms. Others may experience neck or back pain, numbness in the extremities and muscle weakness. Spinal stenosis may occasionally affect the functioning of the bladder and digestive system.

Treating Spinal Stenosis
In addition to recognizing the symptoms, doctors can usually detect spinal stenosis through internal imaging techniques, including MRI scans. The condition can in some cases be treated with medications or through physical therapy. In other cases, surgery may be needed to increase the space in the bones. A spine doctor can help determine the nature of the problem and help the patient decide on the best course of action. Our team of doctors and pain specialists offer a variety of treatment options for spinal stenosis and other back problems. Contact us at 305-901-1511 for a free consultation.